Tips for Disability Claimants – Avoid Opening a Facebook Account

When claiming long term disability benefits, it is important to know how your actions and online presence may be perceived by disability law services and long term disability insurance Canada companies in Canada, particularly in Ontario. One area that claimants should be especially cautious about is social media, particularly Facebook.

Can photographs be relevant to a disability claim? The answer is yes. For example, suppose a disability claimant makes a claim for severe depression and tells the adjudicator that they never socialize and rarely leave their home. In that case, photographs of the claimant attending numerous social gatherings when she claims to be disabled would most likely be deemed relevant. While the pictures may not prove that the claimant is capable of working, they would potentially speak to the credibility and truthfulness of the claimant – both crucial factors in disability claims.

Many long-term disability insurance Ontario companies will investigate claimants’ social media accounts to determine their claims’ validity. This means that if you have a Facebook account and have posted about your medical condition, your daily activities, or your ability to work, that information may be used against you in the claims process.

For example, suppose you have posted pictures or videos of yourself participating in activities that are inconsistent with the limitations of your medical condition. In that case, the insurance company may use that as evidence to deny your claim long term disability Canada. Even seemingly harmless posts, such as pictures of you at a family gathering or vacation, could be used to suggest that you are not as long term disability as you claim to be.

It is also important to consider the privacy settings of your social media accounts. Even if you have not posted anything yourself, your friends and family may post pictures or information that could be used against you in a long term disability claim.

Therefore, disability claimants should avoid opening a Facebook account or be very careful about what information they post or share on social media. If you already have a Facebook account, reviewing your privacy settings and removing any potentially damaging information is a good idea. It may also be advisable to consult with a long term disability lawyer or join a long term disability forum, which can guide you on navigating the claims process and protecting your rights.

In summary, disability claimants need to be aware of the impact of their online presence on their claims. Social media, particularly Facebook, can be a significant risk as long term disability insurance companies often conduct investigations into claimants’ social media accounts. Therefore, it is advisable for long term disability claimants to avoid opening a Facebook account or to be very careful about what information they post or share on social media. It may also be advisable to consult with a long term disability lawyer for guidance on how to navigate the claims process and protect your rights.